what we study

the personality and self-knowledge (psk) lab examines the accuracy of people’s perceptions of their own and others’ personality. examples of research questions that occupy our thoughts:

  • how well do people know themselves?
  • do others know things about us that we don’t know about ourselves?
  • is self-knowledge good?
  • can self-knowledge be improved?
  • do people know what makes them happy?
  • can people change their personality?
  • research methods and replicability (see simine’s blog)

current members

Katie Finnigan, graduate student

Jessie Sun, graduate student

lab managers

RAs: [photo of RAs]

lab alumni


Robert Wilson


Data Scientist, Apple


Kathryn Bollich

assistant professor, Seattle U


Brittany Solomon


Assistant professor, Notre Dame


Kelci Harris

Post-Doc, UT



Erika Carlson

Assistant Professor, UT