personality and self-knowledge lab

simine vazire, ph.d.

uc davis

department of psychology


what we study

our lab examines the accuracy of people's perceptions of their own and others' personality. examples of research questions that occupy our thoughts:

   how well do people know themselves?

   do others know things about us that we don't know about ourselves?

   is self-knowledge good?

   how can self-knowledge be improved?

   do people know what makes them happy?

   can people change their personality?

   research methods and replicability (see simine's blog)


uc davis lab

robert wilson
graduate student

komi german
lab manager

Komi graduated from UC Davis with Highest Honors and a BA degree in Psychology in the spring of 2014. Her research interests involve cognitive-emotional processes in close relationships. In the future she hopes to investigate how individual differences in the experience and expression of basic and self-conscious emotions impact conflict resolution and relationship quality over time.

research assistants (and research interests)

aimee lynch
human behavior in the workplace

allison poon
sleep cycle and physical & mental health

antonelle racelis
psychology of the self

cesar hernandez
cognitive neuroscience, disgust & pleasure

charlaine chui

deanna deleon
personal behavior and the self

ekaterina bulycheva
psychology of emotion

fernanda cazares
emotional health

gurvir singh
theory of mind

hadeyeh hidari
sports psychology

haley weintraub
social interactions

hillary estella
abnormal psychology & mental health

jeser villanueva
cognitive psychology & neurological disorders

jesse tatum
depression and stigma

katherine liu
culture and psychology

katrina comaroto
education psychology

mark cubillan
sleep and interpersonal relations

nancy budiman
cross-cultural organizational psychology

neelam kumar
cognitive dissonance in romantic relationships

seunghyun kim
personality and evolutionary psychology

stephen hillyer
psychopathology, depression & anxiety

theresa pasion
social & personality psychology

tiffany jiang
mental illness and intelligence

vivi thatikunta
industrial/organizational psychology

yael straus
cognitive development in young children

wash u lab

kathryn bollich
graduate student

brittany solomon
graduate student

kelci harris
graduate student

some of our wash u RAs

lab alumni

erika carlson
assistant professor
university of toronto

katrina jongman-sereno
former honors student
graduate student at duke

jordan livingston
former honors student
graduate student at oregon

aaron weidman
former RA
graduate student at ubc


        daniel ames
        mijta back
        john doris
        david funder
        mike furr
        sam gosling
        oliver john
        john jost
        zlatan krizan
        matthias mehl

        laura naumann
        del paulhus
        jamie pennebaker
        jason rentfrow
        rick robins
        steve schapiro
        rich slatcher
        sanjay srivastava
        tim wilson
        dustin wood

more lab photos

wash u personality psychologists
arp conference
june 2011

brittany & erika at the
close relationships conference
nov 2009

lew goldberg family tree
arp conference july 2009

(sam gosling, erika carlson, simine vazire, oliver john)
spsp feb 2009

brittany, kathryn, & juliane at the
katy trail outside st. louis
oct 2010

jordan, brittany, katrina, & kathryn
at spsp jan 2011

kathryn, brittany, & erika
at spsp jan 2011

lab mascot

resources for researchers interested in collecting informant reports

"it is reality that 'owns' the truth about personality, not any single operationalization."  
-robert mccrae, quoted in hofstee (1994)      

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